The Two Brewers

The Two Brewers, Park Street, Windsor

For almost every day of the year it is nigh on perfect, with great atmosphere, excellent cellar management and a wine list that never fails to please. Its location, about 20 yards from the top of the Long Walk could not  be better either. The management are friendly and the food is excellent.

A very strong contender for the title ‘The best pub in Windsor.’

The only time of the year to avoid the Two Brewers is during Ascot week when for a few days it gets overrun by rich, drunk, often aggressive racegoers.

The pub has a great history and often appears in the historical records of the town. For example in 1836 the two brewers was being run by a Mr Percy who was swindled by a Miss Seagrove who was passing off counterfeit half sovereigns as legal tender.