We were lucky enough to be invited to the excellent opening party last month, so we already knew that the melitzanosalata at The Real Greek was a smoky aubergine treat worth ordering. The rest of the meze menu in this light, bright, welcoming restaurant looked good when we visited last night and we ordered way too much (purely in the interest of a thorough review of course). It says ‘3-4 dishes per person’ on the menu and this is about right.

So, what did we eat and what was it like?

The stars of the meal were the grilled octopus, the belly pork and the chicken wings. Each of these three dishes was a delight and any one of them would have been well worth coming out for on its own.

The pork belly was sweet and tender, the chicken wings coated in a nutty homemade dukkah were delicious and the octopus was best of the lot, simply drizzled with oil, garlic and oregano.

In addition there were some other really good dishes, such as the gigandes plaki. This was a rich butterbean stew, full of tomato flavour which we enjoyed (although it lacked either the herb or citrus notes we enjoyed when we ordered the same at a little taverna on Rhodes a few years ago).

Tiropitakia – fried filo parcels – these were excellent, fragrant and deeply satisfying.

We also had a few ‘standard’ dishes such as Greek salad, halloumi and chips (I did say we over-ordered) which were perfectly fine.

We drank a bottle of Greek white wine called ‘Queen of Hearts’ which we would happily order again and then we squeezed out of the door and rolled merrily home.

The staff are very friendly and attentive and the restaurant seems to be doing very well, having to turn people away on a tuesday evening because they were fully booked.

So book in advance and see for yourself what you think of the Real Greek.

2 River Street
Windsor SL4 1QT


The Real Greek