Windsor has a lot of pubs and bars in the centre of town that day trippers visit after the Castle has been explored. There are some great gems to be found in less visited parts of town too. Some of these really deserve to be more widely known. I won’t bother with addresses and detailed directions since a google search will give you that, but will focus on what you can expect when you visit.

The Alma

Hidden away in Victorian back streets, the odd lucky wanderer finds the Alma pub on Springfield Road and pops in. Some never leave. The welcoming atmosphere is a halmark of this classis English pub. The Alma is dog friendly and Admiral the resident Scottie will usually come and welcome visitors. The decor features quite a lot of antique objects many of which have a pricetag attached to them and I will able to buy. As a result every trip to the Alma offers the possibility of finding something new and interesting to look at. A reasonably large outside garden is a welcome addition and makes the Alma particularly popular during the summer months. During the rest of the year a regular rotor of events including a very well attended quiz night keep the regulars returning. Beers include the boringly ubiquitous Doom Bar and a couple of other generic easy drinking ales.

The Prince Arthur

Another pub on hidden away in the back streets, although this time a little nearer to the centre of town, the Arthur is a classic Victorian establishment, owned by Fullers. The late nineteenth century green tiles on the outside of the building are just beautiful and the current landlord enhances this with a beautiful flower display for most of the year. Once inside you are greeted with a cosy traditional bar area. If you like watching the Rugby, then this is the place to come to. 8 screens ensure that no matter where you are you will get a decent view of the big game of the day.


The Queen Charlotte

The town centre is not where many locals tend to visit in the evening but there are a few exceptional establishments that are worth heading towards the bright lights to see. The Queen Charlotte, close to the Guildhall underwent a half £1 million refit and last year so inside it is shiny as a new pin. One of the Charlotte’s key attractions is the extensive gin menu now available at the bar.

The George

The George is one of the first buildings you can find on the Eton side of the river and is a great pub. Owned by the local brewery, this is a beer lovers paradise with at least four Windsor and Eton ales on tap plus bottled specials. The design is well thought out and the food is great too.  When the Windsor and Eton took it over they spent a considerable amount of time and money on getting the layout inside just arrived. As a result this is a very comfortable place to go to while away an wet afternoon. In summer the rear terraced garden is popular with cyclists and dog walkers.

The Waterman’s Arms

Another Eton Pub makes our list and although it isn’t the prettiest place to drink, it is welcoming, quirky (love the library guys), dog friendly and is a proper real ale establishment serving a range of beers that always provide interesting options. Last time we went in there were two absolutely huge hounds wandering around the bar. Very friendly, but somewhat alarming due entirely to their enormous size. Apparently they belong to a regular customer and are exceptionally well behaved, so this is a great pub to visit if you want a close encounter with a really big dog.

5 great Windsor pubs you should visit