The Jubilee River wildlife is proving ever more interesting as the years go by and we were jealous to hear from M Heming who was lucky enough to spot an Adder there recently.

Adders were once common in this part of the Thames Valley but have gone into a steep decline over the last half century.

Adders can be identified by the distinctive zigzag pattern down their backs. They also have distinctive red eyes with a vertical pupil slit.  Other than this they have grey-brown bodies and are generally quite small. Adders are protected by law, so must not be disturbed. Adders are our only venomous snake, but the poison is not particularly damaging to healthy human adults. They eat voles and other small rodents and generally feed once or twice a month. They also eat small frogs, toads and newts and this may make up a significant part of the diet for adders living near the Jubilee River.

If you have any photos or reports of wildlife you have spotted near Windsor, we would love to publish them on this site.

Rare adder spotted at Jubilee River
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