A new exhibition of finds from the Kingsmead quarry excavation in Horton has opened in Windsor’s Guildhall Museum. For the next 12 months a collection of fascinating finds will be on show in the heart of the town. The excavations by Wessex Archaeology revealed evidence of some of the earliest houses ever built in this country, alongside artifacts from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman Periods.

The site owners have agreed to allow the archaeologists to continue digging for a further three years to complete the excavation which has proved to be surprisingly rich in finds of distinction. One particularly spectacular find was the remains of a woman the archaeologists believe was an important person during her lifetime around 4,500 years ago. Her grave contained gold and amber jewellery and it has led to her being dubbed the ‘Queen of Queensmead”.
queen of queensmead quarry

Archaeology exhibition at the Guildhall

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