Local media firm in dramatic roadside rescue of Windsor wildlife.

Nicola and Chris of Windsor based web marketing company Brown Bear Media rescued a pair of mute swans from the Windsor Relief Road (A332) today. The swans were trapped on the tarmac, wandering across two lanes of swerving traffic where cars regularly drive at 60mph.

swan rescue windsor

High winds were probably to blame for the swans landing on the dual carriageway and the heavy rush hour traffic placed them in a perilous position.

Returning from the Internet World Show at Earls Court, Chris and Nicola of Clewer, saw the birds surrounded by moving cars and decided to act.

According to Chris, “The cars were trying to avoid the birds but it appeared to be just a matter of time before an accident would occur so I said we should do something. I parked up and we ran across to where the swans were now walking in front of a coach. I grabbed the younger bird and brought it to the kerb where Nicola held it safely out of reach of the traffic.  Then I went back and captured and picked up the second swan.”

The police and Windsor Swan Lifeline were phoned by a local jogger and both arrived shortly after the rescue.  By which time the swans seemed quite relaxed in the caring arms of the two Brown Bears.

Both swans were taken by the Swan Lifeline staff for evaluation and are expected to be released back onto the River Thames very soon.

This wasn’t Chris Brown’s first encounter with swans needing help. About a year ago he assisted two policemen in removing swans from the same stretch of road.

Bears save Swans
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