Quite a few bombs fell on Windsor in World War II despite the rumor that Hitler had ordered Windsor to be left alone because he wated to live there if the Invasion had been successful. The damage caused by German Bombs is still visible if you know where to look. Here is a short history tour of the bomb damaged sites of Windsor, Berkshire. Most of the links are to aerial photographs of the locations.


Firstly, a bomb fell on Wednesday 23rd October 1940 close to the barracks on the site of the Hong Kong Restaurant. The pub which stood there took heavy damage, and the entire building was demolished.

Just before dawn (5.30am) the following day. A bomb fell on the gardens at the junction of Clarence Crescent and Clarence Road opposite the Princess Christian Nursing Home. Stand at the park railings and you will see a deep dip here on this corner. This ditch is in fact a remenant of the bomb crater.

A V2 exploded near Savill Gardens leaving a 100 foot crater. Thankfully this was parkland so nobody or property was damaged.

However, the worst damage was from a V1 doodlebug in  on Saturday 1st July 1944.  60 people were injured, mainly by flying glass. It hit the Dust Destructor (equivalent of a modern waste incineration plant).

Windsor resident John Munday told of his Windsor V1 experience to the BBC who have kindly reproduced his words on their history website. He recalls the V1 hitting a chimney in Kentons Lane, Dedworth.

The Bells of Ousley at Old Windsor (now a Harvester Restaurant) was hit twice by bombs during WW2 (1940 and 15 June 1944).