Windsor and Maidenhead will soon have an official Town Crier for the first time in almost a century.

Initial informal interviews are being held this week and a ‘cry-off’ is in the offing where the candidates for this unpaid post will test out their lungs and see who has got what it takes to be the Borough’s official mouthpiece.

The last town crier recorded in Maidenhead was in 1922 and in Windsor it was back in 1892.

The crier or ‘bellman’ as they were sometimes called will be able to use the original bell that belonged to the last town crier of Maidenhead as this artifact has been kept safe in the town hall archives.

In the past, Town Criers were strongly protected by the law while on duty. Any assault on a Town Crier was considered a treasonable offence as they crier was effectively a mouthpiece of the Monarch, reading out official proclaimations and letting the people know the will of the King or Queen.

The Town Crier’s colourful robes are similar to those of a mayor’s ceremonial costume and with a feathered tricorn hat to cap off the look, our new Town Crier will be a welcome additional splash of colour and pagentry.

The actual tasks of the new crier will be to promote the town, meet and greet visitors and generally spread happiness and fun wherever they go.

Borough says ‘Oyez’ to Town Crier

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