Her Majesty’s Coronation Robe on display at the castle

The Queen’s Coronation Robes are being show. As part of this years Platinum Jubilee Celebrations .

Visitors to Windsor Castle will be able to enjoy the additional attraction of getting a close look at the magnificent robe Her Majesty wore 70 years ago at her coronation. When TV shows old black and white film of the event you don’t get a true sense of just how sumptuous and beautiful the clothing being worn actually was.

But now, as part of the standard Castle tour everyone can get very close and view in detail just how magnificent the Queen’s robes were.

In addition to the robe and Hartnell’s spectacular dress, the Queens coronation necklace and earrings are also being shown. These originally belonged to Queen Victoria and have been worn at coronations by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth (our current Queens mother).

There are also pictures and a number of related items to view as part of this wonderful exhibition.

This whole display is a magnificently opulent feast for the eyes and will thrill anyone interested in Royalty or clothing and fashion.

The robes be viewed at Windsor Castle from now on throughout August and most of September.

Her Majesty’s Coronation Robe on display at the castle