The Jubilee River is a man-made watercourse, built as a flood relief scheme for Windsor.

It has been developed to provide a beautiful landscaped wildlife sanctury with facilities for bird watchers, dog walkers and cyclists. Opened in 2000 at a cost of £110 million, The Jubilee River has become a very popular destination with a thriving wild bird population.

It is located north of the Thames, and starts upstream of Boulter’s Lock at Maidenhead. The Jubilee river runs for 7 miles before rejoining the Thames between Eton and Datchet.

To get to the river from Windsor take the relief road towards Slough and after it crosses the Thames take the left fork for Slough. This snakes round to the right and then after about half a mile comes to a roundabout. There is a small parking area first left and the Jubilee River is right next to it.

Alternatively drive to the Pineapple Pub in Dorney (SL4 6QS) and 100 yards down the road you will find a free parking area and the river path. This is a great spot as the ‘wetlands’ are just a few hundred metres downstream at this point.