As a Windsor resident have seen the changing of the guard countless times, but still, when the band comes marching up the High Street, I just have to stop and watch.

Live music, smart uniforms, pageantry and tradition. I love it.

changing of the guard at Windsor

This morning I was in the town centre on business when I heard that familiar beating bass drum coming from Sheet Street.

I joined the crowd in front of Barclays where the PCSOs stop traffic and allow the crowd to spill onto the street for a better view. I suddenly realised I had never in the many years I have been here, stood at this point, so I got out my phone and took a picture of the band marching towards me with the Guildhall in the background.

Usually I find myself standing at the top of Peascod Street or on the Guildhall Steps watching the procession, but the spot I chose this morning is, i think, even better. You are a little further away from the marching soldiers, but the uninterupted view down the high street makes up for that and getting the Guildhall in shot is an added bonus. Next time I may have to come back with a proper camera, tripod and telephoto lens.

Just another morning in Windsor

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