Recently released government documents show that while he was living at Fort Belvedere in Windsor Great Park, King Edward VIII was spied on by his own government.

In November 1936 the General Post Office (GPO) were ordered to put wiretaps on phone calls between Fort Belvedere and Buckingham Palace, and to monitor phone calls from the King to continental Europe. At the time, Edward was making regular phone calls to Mrs Simpson in Paris.

However, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin had told the King that as Head of the Church of England King Edward would not be permitted to marry his sweetheart Mrs Simpson, a divorcee.

The resulting constitutional crisis set the King and Government at odds with each other and it is now clear that the Government felt the issue of such importance that state security forces could be used to gain intelligence on what the King was thinking and planning.

A month later, on 10 December 1936, at Fort Belvedere, King Edward abdicated, ending the crisis and leaving his younger brother to take over the Monarchy, as King George VI.


King Edward was bugged at Windsor