Legoland is a great day out for kids. The whole experience aims to be fun but also attempts to help the development of key ideas such as creativity, environmental awareness, road safety and others.


The site was once home to Windsor Safari park and the old killer whale pool is still there in the centre, now used as a stage for a water adventure show. They do a pirate show three or four times a day with lots of audience participation. This is just one of a huge number of great ‘rides’ and shows for people of all agesw to enjoy.

Getting to Legoland

Lego land is just a couple of miles from Windsor on the Ascot road. There is a courtesy shuttle bus from Windsor Town Centre to Lego land during the summer months.

If you are staying in London, Heathrow or Windsor itself, then you really don’t need to hire a car. Taxis from Windsor to Legoland are only a fiver  and the busses are much cheaper and run regularly.

Legoland Prices

Entrance to Legoland on the gate costs £35.00 for children aged 3-15 years old. Adults entrance fee is £45.00 . If you book in advance you can get much better pricesEntrance is FREE for children under the age of 3 years old. Larger groups and those booking online can get significant discounts.

What to see and do at Legoland

The entrance has a truly astounding viewing area where you can look down on Windsor and the Castle itself, but visitors soon move on, either walking or taking a small train down the hill to the first Legoland attraction. This is the miniland exhibit, where many iconic buildings are recreated in Lego.This is an old exhibit but is constantly being added to and still has the power to impress. I loved seeing the twin towers of the old Wembley Stadium which are still standing at mini land.

A recent addition is a Star Wars miniland featuring six scenes from the movies built to 1:20 scale from about a million and a half lego bricks.

The restof Legoland is similar to other theme parks with different areas and rides spread across the hillside. Popular attractions include  “Land of the Vikings”. This is a wet and wild voyage on a River Splash ride! Young vikings (and their parents and carers can set sail through uncharted waters, surging downstream, in a fantasy Viking world created by thousands of LEGO bricks.

We enjoyed a river safari past plastic flamingos and brickwork elephants although (spring 2013) felt that the ride needed a bit of a dusting.

Hotels near Legoland

For Hotels near Legoland  you will find the closest are all in Windsor town centre, except of course for Legolands own hotel which is on site.