Read peoples memories of Windsor

A Windsor Memory from Roger Carpenter

Being a London boy I knew all about the Ace Cafe and the Busy Bee, and Windsor boasted the Cellars which was under Windsor Bridge on the Windsor side great place for bikers.
Also the Star and Garter, remember seeing the Stones there.  Moved to Windsor in 1970 and used to love the 1812 club (Where the Inland Rev are now) some great gigs.
Also remember the Smarts Circus and the bare knuckle fights they would promote at their Winter HQ.

A Windsor Memory from Chris

December 2011 – Queen Elizabeth II arrived to officially open the museum in the Guildhall. The museum had been open to the public since April and as a volunteer I got the chance to meet and greet the Monarch.

I turned up in my new blue suit which pleased Margaret from the Council’s heritage department (she was secretly worried I might turn up in scruffy Jeans and a T-shirt.) We were all very nervous standing around in the Guildhall waiting for her majesty’s arrival.Thankfully the mayor of Windsor was on hand to calm us all down.  His name was Mr. Majeed and he came from Bradford. With a rich warm northern accent he went around the room asking  “D’you want sum cake?” He made sure everybody was supplied with endless cups of tea and generally worked the room like a pro making sure that nerves didn’t get the better of anybody. On that day Mr Majeed was an absolute star.  He even took the time to show me the inscription on the back mayor’s chain that King George the Fourth had given to his predecessor George Davis in 1812.

After a short while I was in the Ascot Room upstairs where the Queen would be unveiling a plaque. Just before she came in an assistant/lady in waiting or something come in and said ‘For god’s sake don’t all stand in a row like that’. Three other people instantly shuffled forward in front of me, leaving me very much in row 2. I could have fought for my position, but the door opened and in walked our VIP with a big smile on her face… we all froze in position and at that moment my once in a lifetime chance of a chat and handshake with her majesty was consigned to the dustbin of history.”

A Windsor Memory from Fiona

Not sure of the true date, early 70’s. Went with my parents to an event put on by the Irish Club at the Horse hall. Terry Wogan was compare and Dana of Eurovision song contest fame sang. The Building was on York Road, seperated from the Youth Club and soon to be built Police Station by Goslar Way.”

A Windsor Memory from Andre

I was at the Oakley Court Hotel near Windsor a few years ago when HRH The Queen visited for a couple of hours. It was during the swan-festival.”

A Windsor Memory from vicky

When I first come over I said to myself this is it. This place is my destiny and in a very strange way meant to be…cause I meet my man of my dream and now we are engage …and we live in WINDSOR… I am from GREECE and he is english…so WINDSOR is my second home now and as me…i am the happiest girl in the world.”

A Windsor Memory from Geoff Moody

I can remember living here in 1953 and we had a street party for the coronation. I can remember the chappel. It was in Denmark Street I believe. At the time I can remember I had quite a few mates we used to swap comics.

One boy was called George Windsor, I used to go to school on the acre at the Royal Free School. I now live in Axminster Devon Aged 71″

A Windsor Memory from Mike Hughes

I lived in Duke street and also Arthur road. I delivered newspapers for Lou Vettise who had a shop at the top of Arthur road for 6 years from the age of 10 to 16. There was Thomas’ the scrap merchants, I was there when ‘On the Beat’ was being filmed and I met Norman Wisdom. I remember Mr Robuck who lived in Duke St. who looked after the gas street lights in Windsor. The river froze over in 1962 and we had very little heating in our own homes. Would love to know the name of the pub in Edward Square. If any info please let me know. I now live in Ireland Waterford”

A Windsor Memory from Chris

A very recent memory. We were driving up Crimp hill a few weeks ago on our way to Savill garden. I the rear view mirror I saw a big green Range Rover with a vanity numberplate. I drove more slowly thinking it might be Elton John or one of his celeb friends, but no, it was Her Madge the Queen fully kitted out in big hat, driving up to the great park. My I spy royalty book is almost full now.”

A Windsor Memory from Alan

I used to dance in the Windsor horsehall in the sixties, but I cannot remember now exactly where it was, does anyone know?”

A Windsor Memory from Sam

I found my diary. Aged 8 years old I visited the Windsor safari park and saw: “4 elephants, 1 dolphin, tigers, 2 monkeys 3 eagles, 5 pidgeons, 2 giraffes, zebras and parrots”. However I had a squabble with my brother Ian and so we weren’t alowed to have an ice cream.”

A Windsor Memory from jeff

Also includes the Coffe bar run by Pete Gilbert, The Mirrors, The tartan Rooms the Horshall dances’ Bans Cafe at Dedworth where we would congregate with our bikes , being persued by Rolf the Rover on his Police Triumph They were all good times Would like to find old school class mates ! among who Peter Davies Martin Long, Keith Weaterall,Mick St Jean Val Stone mavis Nurse, Val de”ath I am living in Australia now”

A Windsor Memory from Alan Tickle

I was born in 1938 and grew up in Windsor until I got married in 1960 and left to live in Norfolk. I used to live in Edward Square, now long demolished, but was under what is now Ward Royal. That masterpiece of modern architecture!! Does anybody remember the old Chapel in Denmark Street? If anybody has a photo or any memories of it I would love to hear from them.”

A Windsor Memory from pauline

Born and raised in Windsor until I married and moved to the states. Shopping in peascod street in my high heels ( ouch ) ABC Minors at the playhouse, dancing at the horsehall. Beans and chips at the Spot cafe or the Mirrors. The exservicemans club. Wonderful memories. It will always be home to me.”

A Windsor Memory from Chris

Now that Caleys department Store has gone, it deserves to be remembered. Thankfully, the last owners, the John Lewis Partnership have a page on the History of Caleys.

It tells us that in October 1813 M. Caley, Milliner, Dress-Maker & Haberdasher, moved their business from Thames St to Castle Street. Then in 1818 Mrs Caley became ‘Milliner to Her Majesty and T.R.H. the Princesses and Duchess of Gloucester’. Business must have been good because in 1826 the shop moved to number 19 High Street, Windsor.

In 1919 the family sold the business to Gordon Selfridge and the store continued to serve the people of Windsor throughout the twentieth Century. They finally closed in 2006 but the redevelopment has taken almost 4 years to complete. We hope the Elizabethan staircase has been well looked after.”

A Windsor Memory from Editor

More classic rock gigs from the Ricky Tick Club:

May 28 1965 The Who, Ricky-Tick
Dec 17 1965 The Who, Ricky-Tick
Feb 17 1967 Jimi Hendrix, Ricky-Tick
Feb 24 1967 Pink Floyd, Ricky-Tick”

A Windsor Memory from Editor

Angela mentioned the Star and Garter. This was the location of the ‘Ricky Tick club’ where the Rolling Stones played in Jan 1963 just 11 days after their first ever gig (in Soho).”

A Windsor Memory from Editor
I have been reading about the recent 6 million pound, and as yet unsuccessful thames salmon restocking project. Research led me to the Times Newspaper report of December 20, 1897 which said that the last wild Salmon caught in the Thames was probably the one caught near Monkey Island in 1823 and sent to King George IV at Windsor.”

A Windsor Memory from Angela

Before the Star & Garter Pub was pulled down, there used to be disco on Thursday evenings accessed by a staircase down an alley beside the pub, when you eventually got inside the dance hall you paid and they would mark your hand with an ultra violet pen, you had to be careful that you washed your hands as the next time it would show the previous one up. It used to get so hot dancing and revelling that during the evening to cool off we used to slip out of the dance hall down the Goswells and eventually to the river returning later on. A petition was raised to try and save The Star & Garter which was to no avail as the pub was ultimately pulled down but the ironic revelation was that it had in fact been a listed building, if only they had realised it sooner. ”

A Windsor Memory from CB

I took the Mrs to the Fat Duck in Bray four years ago. A stunning experience. The food was astounding. Heston is now a big celebrity chef on telly, but to me he is the man who cooked the best meal I have ever eaten.”

A Windsor Memory from john mcginn

I first came to windsor to do my national service and coming from the east end of glasgow I fell in love with windsor. It was a very busy town with something for everyone to do. with the three cinemas, the horse hall for dancing and of course the wrestling. I loved windsor when I first got here and after 56 years I still feel the same about it.”

A Windsor Memory from Chris

Not my memory, but Michael Palin’s. I was listening to him read from ‘the monty python years’ and he mentioned that some of the scenes from the TV show’s first series were shot outside the church at Boveney. He also talked warmly of a celebration picnic they all attended at Remenham opposite temple island.”

A Windsor Memory from richard carver

My family moved to Windsor in 1948 and I was a non-singing student at St. George’s School in the Castle grounds until 1951. My fondest memory was of having breakfasts in the police station in the Henry V111 Gate and collecting the morning newspapers for the Metropolitan Police officers of whom one was my entry card. His wife was my baby-sitter. I had to get out of the station before the arrival of the supreme authority, Sergeant Cooke who probably never knew that a small boy had delivered his newspaper. It was impressive to climb the steps from the school to the Castle on Sundays and see the Military Knights march in, go to sleep, wake up and march out after the service in St. George’s Chapel. It was also impressive, many years later, to revisit the Chapel with my daughter and stand on the graves of famous figures in English history, something which had not registered when I was a small boy who had never heard of these people anhway! It was a shock, during that last visit, to find that the Military Knights had been forced into guide roles in the Chapel. Maybe the Grace and Favour residences needed income. In those days, the late 1940s and 1950s, Windsor was still relatively untouched by mass tourism. The largest traffic jams were occasioned by the Ascot races. I remember lines of vehicles stuck outside Queen’s Terrace on King’s Road where we lived. Now, I suppose, Windsor is more of a tourist hell for residents. In Windsor, my father was persuaded to enter municipal politics(for the first and last time) and was elected a councillor. I recall accompanying him as he knocked on doors along King’s Road. Life in Windsor was always pleasant and it was from Windsor that I left in 1962 for Canada with my Canadian first cousin whose father had emigrated in 1930. He was on a second visit to England before starting work as a high school teacher. I had been a reporter on the Scottish Daily Express in Glasgow and continued that trade for a few more years before becoming a federal employee in Ottawa. Richard Carver 622 Victoria Street Nelson.BC V1L 4K9 ”

A Windsor Memory from CB

Don Beni’s was where I ate the nicest Pizza ever. It was perfectly cooked and flavoursome -a Fiorentina. Is Don Beni’s still open?”

A Windsor Memory from Chris

I entered (but didn’t win) a prize draw at the two brewers pub on park street last year. The prize was to be immortalised on their new pub sign. The guys who won can be seen (along with the pub landlord on the new sign swinging above the entrance to the pub. ”

A Windsor Memory from Lillie Downton

Back in 1955/56. we attended a Wedding at Small Church in Windsor Park(the couple were members of staff). it was Easter Time and it seems the Queen always attended that church for Easter. and as a wedding was taking place she suggested it was decorated. in time for the wedding. BEAUTIFUL. ALL DONE IN DAFFODILS AND IRIS. Regret i did not have camera with me at that time. THE FAMILY NAME WAS ANDREWS ON THE GIRLS SIDE. GROOMS NAME UNKNOWN. BUT BELIEVE HE WAS A POLICE MAN’S SON A VERY NICE MEMORY.. HOPE IT WAS FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM.”

A Windsor Memory from Neeta Patel

It was a lovely sunny day and a day at the Ascots for the queen as I clearly remember. I was walking the great park with my family and our new addition to the family. As I walked pushing the pram I remember Steve calling me from behind as Royals were going past on Horses and Carriages, so I stood watching enjoying and waving. Then a car came by as it slowly passed there I saw the Queen in green passing me and she looked towards me, whether she actually was looking at me is another thing, but I felt happy that in my life thats the closet I’d ever get to the Queen (in green) my little story to tell the kids when they are older. ”

A Windsor Memory from Alan Lee

I went on a guided tour of Windsor and the guide joked that King William the Conqueror was an idiot for building the castle so close to heathrow airport.”

A Windsor Memory from Paul Smithson

I am an avid football fan of Windsor & Eton FC which is part of the Great Park off St Leanards Road opposite the Stag and Hounds. I have some great memories of games played there and visting the town for drinks.”

A Windsor Memory from Hannah

I Was Walking In Windsor Town Centre With My Chums, And I Came Across A Beautiful Shop. It Was A Cafe In The Station, Which Sold Jars Of Sweeties! I Live In Windsor And Have For 15 Years, And Only Just Discovered This AMazing Shop!”

A Windsor Memory from Sarah Rudge

The Windsor Leisure centre was known as the War Memorial Swimming Baths when I was a girl. When my mum was learning to swim they had to make do with the river. You can still see where the swimming spot was ”

A Windsor Memory from Chris

A friend visited from America and I took her to Windsor. About ten minutes after she arrived we saw Prince Phillip riding up the long walk in a horse drawn racing carriage. My friend wouldn’t believe it was the Prince even after the police opened the gates and let him drive into the castle.”

A Windsor Memory from Chris

We had a family day out at Windsor Safari Park. Athough I cannot remember much except getting splashed by either dolphins or a killer whale. The water really stank and dad insisted we keep the car window open on the way home becasue we all smelled really bad.”

A Windsor Memory from Chris

Nicola and I got married in the Guildhall and six months to the day later Prince Charles got married in the same place. He had a bigger crowd, but I bet we had the better evening.”