Sometimes it is the simple things in life that please us most of all.

Just opposite the church at 14 High Street, Windsor, the recently opened ‘Fitzroy and Bailey’ cafe is selling seriously tasty toasted sandwiches. Top quality sourdough bread combined with some great ingredients have enticed us back three times in as many weekends.

toasted sandwich

There is a cheese selection covering The UK, Ireland, France, Italy and Spain,  although they keep the cheese fridge at the back, so it is worth going deep into the cafe to see what is available.  It is all interesting artisanal stuff back there.

On two out of our three visits they were selling lovely little scotch eggs made with black pudding and quails eggs. They were really good and because they used quail’s eggs they were not too big for one person to try as a snack. Full of flavour and well worth treating yourself to.

The coffee (Monmouth) is great too. However if you want cold drinks check out the fridge. Fentemans rather than Coca Cola is the order of the day here and that is always worth celebrating.

Really Good Toasted Sandwiches

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