kate and william

The town of Windsor is keeping its fingers crossed that the rumours surrounding William and Kate are true. 

For the last few months the gossip has been that the future monarch and family are seriously considering moving to Windsor Castle and making it their permanent home. This will allow William and Kate’s children to be close to their great grandmother, Her Majesty the Queen. Rumours of the move first appeared in the press at the end of the summer, but unlike previous suggestions concerning moves, this one doesn’t seem to be going away. 

Why move to Windsor?

It is widely acknowledged that neither William nor Kate are city people, both preferring to live in the country rather than the hustle and bustle of the Capital. Although Kensington Palace provides an excellent London home for a growing family, Windsor Castle with its extensive private grounds can offer the sense of space and freedom that the couple are said to crave. 

When might they move?

If the rumours are true, the Christmas holidays would present the perfect time for the move as the children’s schooling would not be disrupted. There are many options in the Windsor area for infant schools for young princes and princesses, including the Royal School within the Great Park. Eton College where William went to school is just across the river and could be considered as a future school for George and Louis. 

The importance of the royal family to Windsor

The town of Windsor is primarily a tourist town and has been so for many more years than most people think. The fortunes of Windsor ebb and flow according to how closely the royal family associate themselves with this corner of Berkshire. The town has always prospered when the royal family are firmly ‘at home’ and has declined when the royals choose to live elsewhere. For example, the town suffered greatly during the reigns of George The First and George the Second, neither of whom spent any time here. It can legitimately be said that the many years of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s residency have been a bit of a golden age for the town. The simple fact of the repetition of Windsor’s name and pictures in the media and lately on social media has ensured (pandemics aside) that the steady stream of visitors and the income they bring never dries up. 

Prince Harry’s 2018 wedding which drew around 150,000 visitors on the big day reminded the local population of just what a huge draw the Royal family are for Windsor. It was a huge disappointment to many when Harry and Megan chose to move abroad.

Where will Prince Charles live?

Prince Charles is said to be in discussion with Her Majesty and his son and daughter in law over where each of them will reside in the coming years. Charles and Camilla are understood not to favour Windsor for themselves, preferring to base themselves in ‘the flat above the shop’ as the Buckingham Palace apartment is affectionately known.

Additional Benefits of Living in Berkshire

Meanwhile, a move to Windsor would be popular with Kate’s side of the family, based in the Berkshire village of Buckleberry, just 30 miles from Windsor.  The Duchess of Cambridge would be able to see much more of both her parents and her sister who also lives in the village.

A happy new year for Windsor town?

For Windsor’s continued prosperity many of the locals are wishing for news this Christmas that the town’s population will be growing just a little in 2022. If the rumours are found to be true the Duke and Duchess are guaranteed a very warm welcome from the locals.

Royal News: Windsor Keeps its fingers crossed