Snow was falling this morning when our postman delivered his letters. Mrs B noticed that he is still wearing shorts in mid winter.

Many posties across the country have an annual tradition of seeing who can last longest wearing shorts during winter.

It is easy to dismiss this behaviour as macho posturing, but many posties genuinely say they prefer shorts even in cold weather.

Additionally the pride they take in sticking to shorts differentiates them from other jobs and such differentiation leads to a sense of pride in the work in general, leading to happier, more conscientious  postal workers.

Apparently Royal Mail bosses in Cheltenham said their posties have to wear long trousers in very cold weather, but no such directive has been handed down round here, so our brilliant  postal workers are still baring their knees in all weathers.

Postal workers of Windsor, we salute you.

Postie still wearing shorts in the snow

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