After ten years of listening to a lot of stupidity the Windsor Link Railway(WLR) proposal has finally been squashed. Leader of the RBWM Council Simon Dudley finally and decisively clarified that the scheme had no merit and was a dead duck, as reported this week by the Windsor Observer.

The paper reported that the council has not only rejected the scheme but has also informed Westminster of the fact.

Mr Dudley is quoted as saying “We don’t believe it is a viable scheme. It would be hugely disruptive to Windsor.”

The WLR was an invention of former Conservative councillor George Bathurst. He proposed selling off both of Windsor’s railway stations to property developers so that millionaires mansions could be built in Windsor.

He proposed that the riverside gardens on National Trust land could be ripped up to create a new station further from the town centre.

Residents in Bridgewater Terrace have endured years of uncertainty over the future of their homes as a result.

Amid a lot of ad hominem attacks from both sides the raw facts were often ignored over the years, but the reality was that the scheme itself was full of holes. There were statements made about the plan that simply didn’t chime with reality. The details of this sorry saga have been catalogued in forensic detail by contributors to the Windsor Now Forum over many years. The forum’s authors have done Windsor a great service for which they should be commended.

Thankfully now that the Council has finally spoken on the matter the residents and the centre of Windsor are once again safe from the destruction that would have been rained upon them had the silly scheme progressed.

Stupid Railway plan finally killed off