This weekend it was hot hot hot, but instead of hiding away inside we decided to get out and enjoy a shaded walk around Savill Gardens in Windsor.

What a treat.  Whilst the gardens have a knack for looking great all year round it’s in the Summer that they are at their most resplendent.  The long borders are awash with colour – from eye popping yellows, to hot reds and warm oranges bursting forth in the sunshine.

The rose garden is real treat for the nose – with the scent of the blooms carrying on the Summer breeze.  Whilst the hidden gardens revealed some beautiful treats for those who search them out.

We also got to meet some of the newer residents of Savill Gardens as ducks and moorhens helped their broods cool off in the shallow waters of the pond.

roses in full bloom at Savill Gardens Windsor






A Summer Walk Around Savill Gardens
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