At the Swan in Clewer last night I tried the new Windsor and Eton brewery offering ‘Treetops’. Loved it so much I feel it is worth a blog post. Treetops is a dark Stout with rich flavours. My immediate reaction was ‘coffee’ and damned good coffee at that. Then the flavours of spices and chocolate seemed to rise before ebbing to leave you realising there has been that signature ‘big bucket of hops’ in there too. Some of my friends have complained that Windsor and Eton ocassionally err on ‘too hoppy’ for their tastes, but with treetops I think Paddy, Will and all the boys at Windsor’s own micro brewery have got it perfectly correct. I was smiling all evening and will be back soon for another pint or two.

Can’t wait to try Kohinoor, their new india pale ale that is said to feature exotic spices from the east!

Treetops lifts you above the clouds.