A little over a year ago, just before the daffodils, camelias and azaleas bloomed the Great Park had to be closed because of the pandemic. As a result the spring display of 2020 was witnessed by only a few lucky park wardens.

Well this year the rules are different and it was great to spend this morning taking in the majesty of the spring blooms and blossoms. The beauty was made all the more poignant in light of the year we have all had.

From the Savill Garden carpark we headed down toward the totem pole then turned right and threaded our way through the lower slopes of the Valley garden enjoying the camelias, azaleas and ocsassional views down to Virginia Water. Many trees and shrubs were already in full flower and despite the sky being a little overcast, the effect was stunning.

One of the real treats of Windsor Great Park in spring is the daffodil valley. This years display seems to have benefitted from the lawns being left untrodden for much of the year.

Although not as pretty as the daffodils the Mahonias were just as welcome with their powerful honey-like scent filling the air.

The reds in particular looked almost fake. They were just too red for the eye to take in

The large trees close to the punchbowl were particularly stunning

And elsewhere, smaller plants were adding to the whole joyous effect.

Windsor Great Park is looking fabulous and provided we follow the social distancing rules we can once again enjoy the amazing spring display.

Welcome back to Windsor Great Park