The voters of the safe Tory constituency of Windsor returned the Conservative Party candidate Adam Afriyie to parliament yesterday. He received 34,718 votes (64.4%) which represented a small increase over the previous election.  The Labour Candidate Peter Shearman got 12,334 votes which represented a jump of 9.5% while Liberal Democrat Julian Tisi attracted 5,434 votes.

The election had been called by the Prime Minister in order to increase her mandate and thereby strengthen her ‘strong and stable’ hand for a the upcoming Brexit negotiations. In this respect the political manoeuvre backfired in a most spectacular way, leaving the country with a hung parliament. Although the conservatives emerged as the biggest party they lost a dozen seats, wiping out the slim majority they previously enjoyed.

Windsor has consistently returned a Conservative Party candidate every election since 1886.

Windsor Reelects Adam Afriyie to Parliament