Windsor Castle Walls

Prince William and family are moving to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

This summer William and Kate will bring Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis from Kensington to live at Adelaide Cottage, a lovely four bedroom property close to the Castle, within the private grounds of the Home Park.

Sometime before September, the move will take place at a convenient time for the family. Buckingham Palace has not made any official announcements surrounding the move. However, there has been speculation for more than a year. The recent gossip was that they were moving into Windsor Castle itself. However, it now seems certain that Adelaide Cottage is where the Cambridge’s are moving to.

The cottage is in a secluded location. The family will be able to live a comparatively normal life away from the media without needing any extra security. The Cottage was built for Queen Adelaide, the Wife of William IV. No major renovations required before the family can move in.

One interesting insight into how Royal lives are changing with the times is that Kate and William won’t have live-in staff. Instead, any additional household staff will live locally and come in when required. There isn’t the room for live-in staff anyway; it is a cottage after all.

The three children are all expected to go to local schools from September.

We wish our new neighbours well and hope they will be very happy in their new Windsor home.

Windsor set to welcome new royal neighbours