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Your definitive insiders guide to everything there is to know about Royal Windsor.


Windsor – A Town With Royal History

The world-famous Windsor Castle is almost one thousand years old and a visit to this royal residence is certainly top of the list of things to do in Berkshire. Thee castle is right in the heart of Windsor’s town centre, lining a major part of the high street.

Windsor Castle is one of the homes of the British Royal Family and brings with it all the pomp and ceremony of the royal household.  The regular changing of the guard ceremony, state visits of foreign dignitaries and even the occasional Royal Wedding means there is always something to see.

military band in windsor street

This year marks 800 years since King John put his seal to Magna Carta at nearby Runnymede so there will lots of commemorative events this year.

Staying in Windsor

Whether you’re visiting Windsor for work or pleasure there are plenty of great hotels to choose from.

We’ve got Windsor town centre hotels boasting fantastic views of Windsor Castle.  Luxury retreats in the surrounding beautiful Berkshire countryside.  Hotels that are as famous for their history as they are for their levels of comfort and services.  As well as budget hotels and B&Bs.

To find your perfect place check out our guide to Windsor Hotels and B&Bs.

Plenty to See and Do in Windsor

There are many excellent restaurants in Windsor.  If you are thinking of eating out in Windsor you won’t be disappointed. Read our restaurant reviews (written by local residents) for an objective opinion of where to eat at a price to suit your budget.

queens swan marker

The glorious River Thames runs through the heart of town offering great opportunities for mucking about in boats. Our public leisure centre and swimming pools rival private gyms in terms of both quality and facilities. The gym looks out directly onto the riverside, making getting fit a real pleasure. The river is also home to the famous white swans. The annual Swan Upping ceremony is just one of the ways we keep a good track of the health and wellbeing of these beautiful birds. Did you know that the Monarch owns one third of the swans (the rest are owned by two livery companies).

The Great Park is home to some of the oldest oak trees in England along with the world famous Savill Gardens,  Virginia Waters and Valley gardens. Open all year round the Park offers many lovely walks and is a great way of exploring England’s beautiful wood and park land.  The changing seasons bring new and beautiful things to discover on each time you visit and is a real delight for horticulturalists and nature lovers alike.

Add to all that, the thriving local Theatre scene with both the Theatre Royal and Windsor Arts Centre offering regular entertainment, loads of restaurants and bars and you have the recipe for a truly wonderful town that delights both visitors and residents alike.

Windsor also makes a great base for visiting local attractions such as Eton, Runnymede, Legoland, Cliveden, Bray and many more.