Welcome to Windsor

Written by a Windsor Resident.

The town that Kings and Queens have called home for close to a thousand years.

A visit to the world-famous royal residence of Windsor Castle is rightly top of the list of things to do in Berkshire.  The castle is right in the heart of Windsor’s town centre, lining a major part of the high street. St Georges Chapel within the castle grounds is on of the finest examples of the perpendicular Gothic school of architecture with high straight columns, fan vaulting and large stained glass windows. It really is a beautiful and magical building.

Windsor Castle is one of the homes of the British Royal Family and brings with it all the pomp and ceremony of the royal household.  The regular Changing of the Guard ceremony, state visits of foreign dignitaries and even the occasional Royal Wedding means there is always something to see.

So Much to See and Do in Windsor

The glorious River Thames runs through the heart of town offering great opportunities for mucking about in boats. Our public leisure centre and swimming pools rival private gyms in terms of both quality and facilities. The gym looks out directly onto the riverside, making getting fit a real pleasure. The river is also home to the famous white swans. The annual Swan Upping ceremony is just one of the ways we keep a good track of the health and well-being of these beautiful birds.

picnic on the long walk. photo by Chris Brown

At the far end of the famous ‘Long Walk’ you will find a wonderful picnic spot with expansive views over Windsor and the Thames Valley. If you want to explore further, you can head deeper into the 5000 acres of Windsor Great Park from here.